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TerraTread: Concrete Boardwalk Systems

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TerraTread Pedestrian Boardwalk System is a flagship innovative product that will save your client both time and money. There are many different benefits to using TerraTread over wooden alternatives, including reducing maintenance, improving safety, and increasing lifespan.

TerraTread walkways can be customized to include railings, curbs, and ramps. The concrete can be texturized, as well, to create a non-slip surface. These features can dramatically boost safety in a pedestrian area, lowering the risks for slip and fall accidents.

TerraTread walkways are some of the most durable walkways available in the industry. Each project is designed to last for 50-75 years with minimum maintenance required. This makes them an excellent investment for a wide variety of outdoor projects, including landscaping, parks and recreation, urban development, marine access, and more.

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