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Reinforced Walls

Wall Types

Turner Redi-Rock 
Retaining Wall Solutions


Massive, one-ton Redi-Rock blocks allow tall gravity walls to be built without geogrid or tiebacks in many applications, and even taller reinforced walls are possible with the incredibly efficient Positive Connection system. Redi-Rock retaining walls capture the "Essence of Natural Rock" with quarried stone textures in ledgestone, cobblestone, or limestone.

Turner Redi-Rock is an ODOT and NPCA Certified Plant. We also comply with ASTM C1776 for Wet Cast Precast Modular Retaining Wall Units. We service Ohio cites such as Cleveland, Akron, Lima, Toledo, Defiance, and Findlay

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Redi-Rock retaining walls are available in the following areas:

  • Toledo

  • Bowling Green

  • Holland

  • Maumee

  • Northwood

  • Oregon

  • Ottawa Hills

  • Perrysburg

  • Point Place

  • Rossford

  • Sylvania

  • Waterville

  • Whitehouse

Locations Served

Quality & Certifications

Structurally Sound
Redi-Rock meets ASTM C1776 for Precast Modular Blocks (PMB) by using wetcast, first-purpose concrete with a minimum compressive strength of 4,000 psi (27.6 Mpa). The high-quality product performs better in freeze-thaw durability, and will last a lifetime. 

Solutions to Trust for a Lifetime

Large-Block Retaining Wall Solutions

For engineers, contractors, and project owners who need a retaining wall solution they can trust, Redi-Rock is changing the world in concrete ways with the largest network of global manufacturers that provide an integrated system of precast modular blocks for solving earth retention problems. Unlike other retaining wall companies, Redi-Rock is leading the way with expert level support and technical resources, never giving up on expanding the reach of the solutions available, and making time to care for our families, co-workers, and customers throughout the network and the world.

Types of Retaining Walls


Freestanding Walls

Freestanding Walls using solid or hollow-core blocks


Gravity Walls

Gravity Walls using solid, 41" hollow-core, or XL hollow-core blocks


Reinforced Walls

MSE Walls with Positive Connection blocks


Redi-Rock has the Largest Network of Manufacturers

Redi-Rock is a licensed product made by over 120 manufacturers across five continents. That network of producers means: 

  • More product availability

  • Less freight cost

  • More people available to help you solve your problems

Never Giving Up on Expanding the Integrated System

Now a fully integrated system of retaining wall solutions that grew out of the initial one-ton Lego block concept, Turner Redi-Rock provides seamless solutions for engineers, contractors, and project owners.

  • One integrated system of wall solutions - gravity, MSE, setback options, freestanding, cantilever CIP, anchor walls, etc. that all function together

  • New product development team

  • State-of-the-art testing lab

  • In-house mold shop for developing new textures

One Integrated System of Wall Solutions

Redi-Rock revolutionized the retaining wall industry in 2000 when they introduced large, wetcast, gravity blocks with interlocking knob and groove technology -- think giant, one-ton Lego blocks. Not only did the walls look better with the texture of natural stone, but the machine set blocks sped up installation compared to the existing offerings on the market. No matter what combination you choose from the family of products for the engineering behind your wall, or what face texture you choose for the appearance of the front of your wall, they all work together for a seamless, structurally sound solution!



Leading the precast modular block industry to streamline the process from start to finish of obtaining a retaining wall



One Integrated System of Wall Solutions - gravity, MSE, setback options, freestanding, cantilever CIP, anchor walls, etc. that all function together



A fully integrated system of retaining wall solutions that grew out of the initial one-ton Lego block concept

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